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Since 1985 ESS Employment have been assisting companies
throughout the area with recruitment of permanent,
temporary and contract staff. During this time ESS has
accumulated a wealth of experience serving the needs of
many industries including warehouse, manufacturing
administration and distribution.

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These terms and conditions are between E.S.S. Employment hereinafter called "the Company" and the Employer hereinafter called "the client". The company’s terms of business are as follows:The terms will form part of each and every agreement between the Company and its client unless agreed to the contrary by the Company in writing.

These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted by the client by virtue of the engagement of an applicant introduced by the Company or by prior acceptance of any offer by the Company to provide applicants.

The client undertakes to notify the Company immediately an engagement is accepted and to pay the fee of the Company within 30 days of the commencement of the engagement.

The charges payable to the Company by the client for the introduction of an applicant are calculated as a percentage of the commencing annual gross taxable pay and taxable emoluments payable by the client to the applicant as set out in the Scale of Charges (see overleaf) plus Value Added Tax at the current rate.

Should the employment lawfully terminate before the expiry of 10 continuous weeks have elapsed including any periods of absence due to illness the charges will be rebated in accordance with the Company’s scale of rebate but will remain subject to a minimum charge of £100 provided the client notifies the Company in writing of the termination of the employment within seven days thereof and has paid the charges in full and does not re-engage the applicant within a period of three months of termination.

Introductions are confidential. The passing on of an introduction to a third party, which results in an engagement renders the client and/or third party liable for a recruitment fee as per the Company’s Terms of Business – Permanent Staff.

Full fees will be payable for any employee engaged as a consequence of, or resulting from an application to the Company even though the introduction is made indirectly.

The Company endeavour to make every reasonable effort to ensure the suitability of applicants selected on behalf of clients. Notwithstanding this the client agrees to satisfy himself as to such suitability and in particular without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to take up all references concerning an applicant’s skills, qualifications, general integrity and character; to arrange any necessary medical examinations and investigate the applicant’s medical history; and to ensure all necessary qualifications are held.

The Company endeavour to make every reasonable effort to ensure the suitability of applicants selected, nevertheless it cannot accept liability for any loss, expense, damage or delay howsoever occasioned including without prejudice to the foregoing any of the same arising from the Company’s negligence.

Scale of Rebate

In the event of the employment lawfully terminating due to lack of capability of the candidate to perform the engagement before the expiry of ten weeks, 10% of the total charged will be rebated for each week of the ten week period not worked. The rebate is subject to the Company terms of business being complied with.




E.S.S. recruitment charges are based on percentage of total annual salary inclusive of projected commissions and profit related earnings.



Standard Recruitment 15%

Professional and IT 20%

Sole Agency Agreement 12%

The above rates are subject to a minimum charge of £500.



Contracts up to 6 months can be arranged via a temporary contract through E.S.S Employment or an introduction fee will be charged should the client wish to take the candidate direct. The fee is subject to a minimum fee of £500. Please note that further fees will be charged should the agreed period be extended or if candidate is offered permanent employment (see rates above).



Following a pre-agreed temporary contract period E.S.S. will release a candidate at no charge to the client. The Temp to Perm contract period, charge rates and payment terms must be agreed in writing at the commencement date. If the above payment terms are not adhered to, the full recruitment fee will be payable.

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